Shipping Options and Service

Pricing ---

The price of facsimile and variant dust jackets on this site varies between $10.99
and $12.99.  For many years I posted at $8.99 only; Later, I raised this price by a
dollar and then about a year later I had to repeat the $1 raise. Each raise was  
forced me by rises in postal service rates and the ever-increasing price of ink,
market forces over which I have no control.

For the immediate future, all wrap-around jackets will cost $12.99. This rise is
caused by the most recent rise in ink costs. If it requires a lot of color (
see THE
CAVE GIRL variant for example) the price will go up to $12.99.  One cartridge of
blue ink, for example, costs $17.99, THE CAVE GIRL variant, which has to be
printed at high quality to ensure an even field of blue, uses approximately
one-fourth of that cartridge on one dust jacket.

Whatever the price is on an individual cover, that price includes the cost of
shipping within the United States.  

There are two or three other sites doing this work. All other reputable facsimile
makers charge at least $20.00 for their product.  If you compare my quality and
price against theirs, you'll find that my costs are kept low indeed.  

I'm constantly looking for ways to keep my costs down so that I can continue to
make and sell the best facsimile and variant dust jackets on the market for the
lowest price possible.  However, I'll keep my prices as low as they are for as
long as I can, but sooner or later I know that inflation will probably either force
me to quit or raise my prices again, but for the foreseeable future they will
remain between $10.99 and $12.99  Thank you for your kind understanding and
forbearance, and I hope to hear from every customer again.

International shipping to Canada, the British Isles, or
Australia ---

Contact me (see "About Charlie" navbar tab above) about shipping to
Canada, England, or Australia.  If a Commonwealth customer orders four or
more, there is no additional shipping costs, but three or less will require
slightly more than is already planned for in the price of the jacket.

International shipping (non-Commonwealth)

All other overseas customers contact me before you buy so that I can give
you an accurate estimate of the costs.


All transactions on this website are conducted through PayPal.  You do not
have to have an account with PayPal; they will handle your credit card
purchases as well.  I strongly recommend PayPal as perhaps the easiest
and safest way to handle money on the internet.

Simply click on the "ADD TO CART" button.  Once you see your cart come
up, either go ahead and buy the product or continue shopping.

Once purchased, your dust jacket will be wrapped in a mylar dust cover,
packed flat, and mailed within forty-eight hours of payment, even on
weekends --- It won't go out until the next workday, but it will be dropped
off at the post office within forty-eight hours of payment.  Shipping in the
USA is free, calculated in the cost of the product.

Bonus DJs ---

As all of my customers know, for the past couple of years, I have included
an extra facsimile or variant in every order, large or small, made on this
website.  I find I can no longer do that for orders less than four djs.   I lose
money on each one or two dj order when I include a bonus.  It's just not
cost effective to continue the practice.   I'll continue on orders of four or
more only.   

Problem resolution ---

Never wait if there is a problem; eMail ( or call
immediately (254-338-3022) if there is a problem with fitting your facsimile
DJ onto your book. Before shipping I will have pre-fit it on my book just to
be as sure as possible that all is correct. However, anything is possible. So
contact me immediately if you have a problem.
J. Allen St. John, Oil on Canvas, TREASURE SHIP, my thanks to a fellow fan in El
Paso , who put me onto the title which led me to the following informtion:

This painting was done for a twelve-volume series of children's books called MY
BOOK HOUSE, an anthology series edited by Olive Beaupre Mille.  First
published in 1937 and last in 1971, each volume was designed for a different
age, starting with volume one for infants and toddlers to mid-grade readers by
volume 12.   This particular painting was used as the cover illustration for
Volume 8.

Along with St. John, this series contains illustrations by such notable artists as
Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, and Paul Belarski and many others, all among
the great artists of the first half of the 20th Century.  For the most part, children
being normally rough on their books, the volumes on the antequarian book
market are generally well-used.  In good condition, early printings are highly
prized by both collectors of children's literature and the great illustrators.

Simple click on the "ADD TO CART" button.  Once you see your cart come up,
either go ahead and buy the product or continue shopping on my website to
perhaps make another purchase.

If you have any problem of any kind, contact me immediately: 254-338-3022 or
email - I will do my best to resolve the problem.  I am, and
always have been, willing to go the extra mile to insure that a sale is a win-win
for everyone.  So again, please contact me immediately if there is a problem.