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Non-Series Titles

   Today, the public is generally aware of the Tarzan character mostly from the
movies and the John Carter of Mars novels from their influence on the science
fiction field. His other two series, Pellucidar and Venus, are less well known, but
still published occasionally.  However, his works that have no connection to any
series are almost forgotten.  

   In addition to the Tarzan, Pellucidar, Venus, and Martian Series Burroughs wrote
many individual stand-alone novels.  He wrote two major novels in the mainstream
of popular literature -
The Girl from Hollywood and Marcia of the Doorstep.  He
also wrote a few mainstream novelettes, i.e. "The Girl from Farris's."  All the other
non-series novels are adventure stories set on other planets (
Beyond the Farthest
), lost islands (The Mucker and The Land That Time Forgot), lost cities in
remote areas of the Earth (
Jungle Girl), mythical Balkan Kingdoms (The Mad King
The Rider), or the wild West of Burroughs's youth (The War Chief and Apache
l).  All, except for his westerns, are fantasy-science fiction adventures, and all,
like ERB's series work, are filled with stalwart heroes fighting for honor and a
beautiful woman in an exotic landscape.  
Jungle Girl - First Edition       $10.99                                                                                                                                                   The Outlaw of Torn - First Edition     $10.99
The Oakdale Affair and The Rider - First Edition       $12.99
The Moon Maid - first edition      $10.99                                                                                                                                         The Mucker - first edition   $10.99
LEFT: Studley O. Burroughs cover illustration for the ERB Inc. first edition of Apache
 ERB's relationship with his artist nephew was often disappointing to ERB, but
as long as Studley could produce, he continued to throw work his way.  For
Triumphant, f
or example, he chose Studley over St. John, even though St. John's bid
was lower.  Studley's personal problems, depression and alcohol abuse, ultimately
caused ERB to sever the relationship.
Expert even as a teenager on his brothers' Idaho ranch,
'Burroughs was an avid horseman who loved to explore the
diverse landscapes on and around his ranch property
, and
descriptions of much of this scenic and rugged area found
their way into novels as diverse as the
The Girl From
Hollywood, The Moon Maid
(Red Hawk), "Jimber Jaw," as
well as into his numerous Western and Apache novels and
even parts of the Mars series.' (Hillman in
Tales of Three Planets - First Edition        $10.99
The Apache Devil - first edition      $10.99
The War Chief - first edition    $10.99
The Cave Girl - McClurg first edition         $10.99
The Land That Time Forgot - McClurg 1st edition        $10.99
The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County - ERB Inc, first edition     $10.99
THE BANDIT OF HELL'S BEND - McClurg first edition      $10.99
THE ETERNAL LOVER - McClurg first edition    $10.99
THE MAD KING = McClurg first edition     $10.99
I AM A BARBARIAN - ERB Inc 1st edition        $10.99
THE LAD AND THE LION - ERB Inc. First Edition        $10.99
The Monster Men - Antiqued McClurg First Edition v2        $11.99
The Monster Men - McClurg First Edition V1         $10.99