First Edition Dust Jackets
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Tarzan's Quest - J. Allen St. John cover illustration, 1936.
Over the years this original  has  faded almost to an overall monochrome.  Most
pulp illustrations had little or no importance after the picture was used, and
therefore were not cared for in a way that might preserve the artwork in good

I downloaded it from another website and placed it on this page when I began this
website.  In early July 2010, I started tinkering with the colors, adding and
enhancing, to hopefully bring the picture back to the colorful St. John composition
that we see on dust jackets for this book.  Oddly enough, the mylar that protects
many dust jackets has over the years served to protect this picture's color scheme
better than the original which was exposed to the elements.  So I used a facsimile
dust jacket that I had purchased online to guide the color restoration, but as often
is the case, I simply had to make an educated guess about some parts of the
painting.  I hope St. John would have approved of the end result.
Herbert Morton Stoops cover for
Tarzan and the Immortal Men,
retitled in hard cover as
Quest.  Almost anyone involved in ERB scholarship, collecting, or fandom can tell you that
Phil's site is where you find the finest ERB, first-edition facsimile dust jackets available anywhere.  His
research and craft are among the best, and I can't recommend him highly enough.  Phil's prices are higher
than mine, but the costs of producing the highest-possible quality is also high, in time, equipment, and
dedicated skill.  

 Don't get me wrong.  I'll be more than happy to sell you a good quality first-edition facsimile at the most
competitive price offered on the internet, but frankly, I can't match Phil's artistry.  So if you are looking for a
first-edition facsimile of the highest possible quality, check him out.