Whitman Reprints
The Whitman Publishing Co. of Racine, Wisconsin,
published the 8 inch books known as 50-cent juveniles. These
books provide a snapshot of popular culture from the years they
were published, the 1910s to the 1970s. They were published in a
variety of series such as Whitman Classics, Adventures For Boys,
Mysteries, and the most notable, the Authorized Editions, which
were gleaned from radio, screen, comic strips, and TV series.
Considering the many characters and personality figures that were
featured in the Whitman books, there is enormous crossover
collectibility of these books for other fields.

In 1952, Whitman published two "Authorized Abridged" editions by
Burroughs  -
Tarzan and the City of Gold and Tarzan and the
Forbidden City.  
The dust jackets for the books were done by Don
McLouglin, but the endpapers and interior illustrations were done
by comic artist Jesse Marsh.  When the books were reprinted in
1954 Tomy Sgroi did the interior illustrations and endpapers. The
same artists would be used when the books were reprinted again
in the 1960s at which time they would also publish abridged
editions of
Tarzan of the Apes and The Return of Tarzan. They
would halt printing of ERB in the late seventies.

PERSONAL NOTE: The Whitman edition of
Tarzan and the City of
was my first encounter with Burroughs.  I was ten years old at
the time.  I was engrossed.  Fifty pages from the end my mother
made me stop reading and turn off the light.  When I was sure she
and my father were asleep, I went to the bathroom, opened the
control panel area at the bottom of the hot water heater and
finished reading the novel by the somewhat dim glow of the pilot
TARZAN AND THE FORBIDDEN CITY - Whitman edition - $12.99
TARZAN AND THE CITY OF GOLD - Whitman edition - $12.99