THE TARZAN TWINS - Facsimile DJ for 1927-32 Volland editions - Douglas Grant illustrator
THE TARZAN TWINS - Volland editions 1927 - 1932   $12.99
The senior editor of the P.F. Volland Company approached Burroughs in 1926 asking if he would be willing to
contribute a Tarzan story to their "Golden Youth" series of books for young people. Burroughs consented and a
beautifully illustrated book appeared in 1927. The plot of the books concerns two look-alike cousins visiting Tarzan
at his estate in East Africa and the adventures that ensued. Since its last printing in 1932, the book has been rare
and difficult to find in any condition, primarily because children's books are normally very carelessly abused.
Perhaps children don't know that collectors might want them in better condition someday. To find a copy with its
dust jacket has been rare indeed. As far as I know this facsimile is the first and only facsimile dust jacket for this
title available anywhere.