THE MONSTER MEN - Variant for the Canaveral Press edition - P. J. Monahan artwork
The Monster Men - Monahan variant for Canaveral Press edition     $10.99
The original Mahlon Blaine front cover
THE MONSTER MEN - Fantasy-variant dust jacket for the Canaveral Press and Grosset & Dunlap editions.  I've never cared for the Mahlon
Blaine Canaveral Press illustrations.  Too me, Blaine was ill-suited for the job.  However, in an early entry for another variant, I incorrectly
paraphrased some information received from a friend and criticized Blaine more severely than I should have and was rightfully chastised for

    In response to that earlier bit of accidental misinformation, Phil Normand of said "Blaine was mostly known for the
fabulous erotic and exotic illustrations that he did in the 1920s and 30s. There is no real evidence that he won any awards in his lifetime. The
work he did for Canaveral was likely some of the very last he ever did as the sight in his only eye was failing badly and he died a few years
later. Bilbo and Tannen no doubt gave him the work for the Burroughs' books out of respect for his reputation in the small specialty
publication market and because he would work for practically nothing having fallen on hard times. He was living in an apartment over their
bookshop at the time."  

   Tangor ( also emailed saying "His erotic work is both intriguing and a bit scary!" and "I don't expect folks to 'get' Mahlon
Blaine... heck, even back then folks didn't get him, but his images were always startling, odd, and steeped in "ancient looks".  However, no
matter what Blaine's talents, Tangor admits that most ERB fans will believe Mahlon Blaine's illustration style to be poorly matched to
illustrate ERB when compared to the more "same old same old" of  Krenkel and Frazetta and many others.

   Because I agree with most ERB fans, over the past year I've been slowly working to complete a variant for each Mahlon Blaine Canaveral
DJ.   Apparently Blaine has many fans, and I admit that his work is original - and very different.  I'm just not one of those fans.  Therefore, I'm
slowly trying to create an alternative DJ for all the Blaine's.  

   The front cover illustration for this particular variant DJ is P. J. Monahan's magazine cover for THE ALL-STORY of November 1913.  I
removed the magazine lettering and redesigned that portion of the illustration.  The back cover drawing is by Frank Frazetta and was
originally the title page illustration for the ACE edition of 1963.  (The Krenkel and Frazetta artwork created for the ACE Books F-series of ERB
releases are all in the public domain and therefore usable.) And last, I redesigned the spine and flaps.

   I've added a G&D version of this variant, even though I do very much like the J. Allen St. John dust jacket illustration for this title.  St. John
is unsurpassed, and I recognize his preeminence.  I'm not seeking to replace his effort.  I'm simply offering this alternative for those who
want one for their
Canaveral or G&D book.
The Monster Men - Monahan variant for G&D editions    $10.99