The Land That Time Forgot - Frank R. Paul cover illustration
The Land That Time Forgot - G&D edition - Frank R. Paul illustration - $10.99
Variant for G&D editions of The Land That Time Forgot.  Interior illustration by Frank R, Paul, colorized at erbgraphics from
the March 1927 issue of AMAZING STORIES.

From Zeuschner's new bibliography "This is one of those Burroughs stories which was serialized again
after it had already
appeared in hardback. . . It is a serial in three parts (the 1927 AMAZING STORIES was an extra large magazine) with a cover
illustration on the February issue (the first installment) and a black-and-white illustration for each installment by Frank R.

The above illustration is colorized from the second installment, a novelette, "The People That Time Forgot."