THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT - Variant for the Canaveral Press edition
A note about Mahlon Blaine:

In an email sent to correct some misinformation that I had erroneously placed in the first
version of this blurb, Phil Normand of said "Blaine was mostly known for
the fabulous erotic and exotic illustrations that he did in the 1920s and 30s. There is no real
evidence that he won any awards in his lifetime. The work he did for Canaveral was likely
some of the very last he ever did as the sight in his only eye was failing badly and he died a
few years later. Bilbo and Tannen no doubt gave him the work for the Burroughs' books out
of respect for his reputation in the small specialty publication market and because he would
work for practically nothing having fallen on hard times. He was living in an apartment over
their bookshop at the time."  Tangor ( also emailed saying "His erotic work
is both intriguing and a bit scary!" and "I don't expect folks to 'get' Mahlon Blaine... heck,
even back then folks didn't get him, but his images were always startling, odd, and steeped
in "ancient looks".  However, no matter what Blaine's talents, Tangor admits that most ERB
fans will believe Mahlon Blaine's illustration style to be poorly matched to illustrate ERB
when compared to the more "same old same old" of  Krenkel and Frazetta and many others.

About this variant dust jacket for G&D and Canaveral editions:

Because I agree with most ERB fans, over the past year I've been slowly working to
complete a variant for each Mahlon Blaine Canaveral DJ.  For the Canaveral version, I
added washes of color to a St. John illustration used on page 71 in the first edition (above
left), and then reworked the other parts of the DJ to match.  For the front flap I modified
and then used the ACE Books blurb in lieu of the short biography that Canaveral used.  I
also reworked the back cover, adding a short essay on the influence of Burroughs rather
than a biography.  For the back flap, I wrote a short information essay on the non-series
works.  I completed the DJ by reworking the spine.  

The G&D version contains the same elements arranged differently with a few more
illustrations used to add color and variety to the essays.  I also pushed the blue tones on
the color tinting to emphasize and sharpen the major forms in the illustration.

Once purchased, your dust jacket will be wrapped in a mylar dust cover, packed flat, and
mailed within forty-eight  hours of payment, even on weekends --- It won't go out until the
next workday, but it will be dropped off at my first opportunity.  Shipping in the USA is free,
calculated in the cost of the product.

International shipping to Canada and Great Britain only: $8.00 added to the overall costs.  
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eMail if there is a problem with fitting your DJ. I'll pre-fit it on my book just to be as sure as
possible that all is correct. However, anything is possible. So contact me immediately if you
have a problem.
THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT - St. John Canaveral Variant     $10.99
J. Allen St. John illustration used for this variant
Mahlon Blaine's original cover for the Canaveral
Press edition.
The variant on my own copy of the book.
THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT - St. John G&D Variant     $10.99