The Oakdale Affair - Amereon House editions
The Oakdale Affair - Movie poster edition - Amereon House - $10.99
This is not a variant, because there is no original dust jacket on the book as sold. This dj was designed using the 1919 movie poster as
the front cover art. The rest was adapted from internet sources long forgotten, at least by me.

This sequel to
The Mucker features the return of Burroughs’ selfless, poetry-spouting, hobo character, Bridge. Joining the poetic
hobo is the strangely innocent and at the same time mysterious Osklooska Kid. This gothic-like tale contains many unusual elements:
dark mysterious nights, a deserted haunted farm-house, a violent thunder-storm, thieves and murderers, a lynch mob, Beppo the bear,
and other surprises.

Burroughs wrote this short novel between January 10 and June 12, 1917. At first rejected by ALL-STORY magazine, BLUE BOOK later
published it in March 1918. With a World Pictures release date of October 6, 1919,
The Oakdale Affair became the second of ERB’s
stories to be made into a motion picture.  The story, along with
H.R.H. The Rider, was eventually published in hardcover by ERB, Inc.
on February 15, 1937.

In June 1974 ACE books marketed the first paperback edition of this title. The first stand-alone hardback edition* was published by
Buccaneer Books in 1977.  Amereon published the edition you hold in your hand in 2000.

*( According Robert Zeuschner's exhaustive 2016 bibliography, the Buccaneer book is the first hardback even though the copyright
page of that book reads “republished 1977.")