The Moon Men - Roy G. Krenkel for the 1962 Canaveral Press edition
The 1962 editors of Canaveral Books changed the name of the book from The Moon Maid to The Moon Men. However, the
Canaveral edition is the same book as originally published by A.C.McClurg in 1926.

Above you will find two versions of this variant, a Canaveral Version and a redesign for G&D. The first more closely
resembles the Canaveral Press original; Version 2 has been changed to reflect what I felt to be a better design and a
better fit for G&D.  If you think the Canaveral-like version is better, I wouldn't argue with you, because I like it too.

About Roy G. Krenkel and this variant:
Donald Wolheim, the editor of ACE Books in the late '50s through the sixties, hired Roy G. Krenkel (AKA RGK) to be the
lead artist for the 1962-5 revival of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ works.  Wolheim had seen Krenkel's work in fanzines such as
Amra, a fan produced magazine devoted to the works of Burroughs and Conan creator Robert E. Howard.  Wolheim chose
him, because to the ACE editor Krenkel's style resembled that of J. Allen St. John, the illustrator of many Burroughs first
edition and magazine covers.   The ACE editior pressured Krenkel to imitate St. John.  However, Krenkel's style simply
couldn't be sublimated.  RGK's clear and fluid line drawings and paintings are distinctively original and have become
iconic in the world of Burroughs illustration, particularly to baby-boomers discovering his work for the first time in the
early sixties.

Roy's first Edgar Rice Burroughs covers for ACE were for
At The Earth's Core (F-156 SF 1962) and The Moon Maid (F-157
SF 1962).  Both were instant successes with the buying public, establishing a visual style for future ACE editions and for
ERB paperback and hardback reprints that publishers can't completely escape to this day.  For an example, take a look at
the Fall River Press editions of Burroughs in book stores at this moment and you will see Roy's influence guiding the art
direction of those editions.

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