The Cave Girl - Fred W. Small Variant based on the cover of All-Story Weekly March 31, 1917
The Cave Girl - Small variant for G&D editions  $11.99
Variant for either the McClurg, G&D or Canaveral editions of THE CAVE GIRL ---- The original cover illustration is by Fred W. Small,
produced for the March 31, 1917, edition of ALL-STORY WEEKLY, for the Burroughs novelette entitled THE CAVE MAN, the second half
of the novel we know of today as THE CAVE GIRL.  After I
sent an initial order to a first time customer, he emailed back suggesting a
variant based on the Small illustration.  I had never seen it and was immediately struck by the possibilities.  The above variant is the

NOTE: The copy of the image above isn't nearly as good as the original.  The internet just doesn't handle large swaths of color (in this
case the deep blue) as well as it should so some areas of the above image look somewhat rough.  This 'roughness" is not present on
the completed variant.
The Cave Girl - Small variant for Canaveral Press editions    $11.99