Tarzan of the Apes - variant based on art by unknown Goldwyn Pictures illustrator, c. 1921
Tarzan of the Apes - Variant for Grosset & Dunlap editions.  I designed this variant around a
movie poster for a c. 1920s adaptation of ERB's "The Return of Tarzan" later renamed  to "The
Revenge of Tarzan." The renaming was in response to Goldwyn's suggestion that something be
done to counter rumours that the film was actually just a re-release of the first [Elmo] Lincoln
 No known copies of this film survive.
 Given its originaI name, I decided not to use this illustration for
The Return of Tarzan,  because
I already had a variant for
The Return of Tarzan based on art for a Weismuller movie. And
although there is no scene exactly like the cover in
Tarzan of the Apes, I still went with
that title for this new variant.
 The movie poster had to be somewhat expanded and adapted to fit the size and dimen-
sions necessary for a book cover, but I've made every attempt to maintain a sense of the
art-deco style just recently emerging from the era of neo-classical that tended to dominate
illustration up to the 1920s.   

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Tarzan of the Apes - Movie Poster art - $11.99