TARZAN OF THE APES - Variant built around MGM poster for Tarzan The Ape Man
TARZAN OF THE APES - Variant built around an art-deco poster for the movie Tarzan the Ape Man -- sized for G&D editions           $10.99
TARZAN OF THE APES - I found a MGM poster on an auction site and liked it, immediately seeing possibilities for a
Tarzan variant. I loved the art-deco look of the poster and decided to try to keep that look for the overall jacket design
by using a Ritz-style font from the 1930s.  Some small modifications were necessary to extend the illustration left and
right.  Also some stretching was necessary at the bottom, but otherwise the only change required was the removal of
the movie lettering and replacement with the title and author.

I decided to use it on the first in the Tarzan series even though there is no scene like this one in the novel itself.  I sized
it for a G&D edition.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.