TARZAN TRIUMPHANT - Krenkel/Frazetta McClurg & G&D editions - $11.99
Variant - TARZAN TRIUMPHANT - Roy G. Krenkel/Frank Frazetta collaborative illustration.
Tarzan Triumphant - I don't particularly care for the Studley O. Burroughs cover (see it at
G&D reprints Tarzan page 2) used on all editions published in ERB's lifetime.  According to Bill Hillman writing at
erbzine.com neither did ERB, "Upon receipt of the finished jacket of
Tarzan Triumphant he [Burroughs] voiced his
disappointment about 'the physique of the model, writing, 'He is too prissy and has a belly on him almost as large as
mine... let these heroic characters of mine cave in a little below the ribs rather than stick out.
Tarzan Triumphant
looks as though he might be several months along toward an increase in his family....'"
   I agree.  

To me, the Studley O. Burroughs cover doesn't convey the savage power and edginess of Tarzan as he is portrayed
by Burroughs and brilliantly illustrated by the
Frazetta-Krenkel collaboration for the ACE BOOKS cover of April 1963,
nor by that done by Laurence Herndon even earlier for the October 1931 cover of THE BLUE BOOK MAGAZINE
publication of part one of six of the serialization of  "The Triumph of Tarzan," the original title of the novel.   In the
Krenkel/frazetta collaboration above,  I've used a G&D edition for fitting purposes, but the jacket is also a perfect fit
for the ERB Inc.
first edition and the red ERB Inc. reprint.  The back cover contains a wonderfully succinct
"biography" of Tarzan—I downloaded parts of that essay from Wikipedia (I think[?]; I couldn't find it there when I
looked today), and parts of it are my own thinking on the subject—which part is which I don't now recall. For the
back flap, I included a short biography of Burroughs with a photo I found online.

About Wolheim and Krenkel, and Frazetta's start in paperback illustration:  

Donald Wolheim, the editor of ACE Books in the late '50s through the sixties, hired Roy G. Krenkel (AKA RGK) to be
the lead artist for the 1962-5 revival of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ works.  Wolheim had seen Krenkel's work in fanzines
such as
Amra, a fan produced magazine devoted to the works of Burroughs and Conan creator Robert E. Howard.  
Wolheim chose him, because to the ACE editor, Krenkel's style resembled that of J. Allen St. John, the illustrator of
many Burroughs first editions and magazine covers.   The ACE editior pressured Krenkel to imitate St. John.  
However, Krenkel's style simply couldn't be sublimated.  RGK's clear and fluid line drawings and paintings are
distinctively original and have become iconic in the world of Burroughs illustration, particularly to baby-boomers
discovering his work for the first time in the early sixties.

Roy's first Edgar Rice Burroughs covers for ACE were for
At The Earth's Core (F-156 SF 1962) and The Moon Maid (F-
157 SF 1962).  Both were instant successes with the buying public, establishing a visual style for future ACE editions
and for ERB paperback and hardback reprints that publishers can't completely escape to this day.  For an example,
take a look at the Fall River Press editions of Burroughs in book stores at this moment and you will see Roy's
influence guiding the art direction of those editions.

Krenkel could create some of the most fluid drawings ever seen, but he was the first to admit that color gave him
problems.  Also, Roy wasn’t particularly good at meeting deadlines; so, he sometimes had his friend Frank Frazetta,
who was out of work at the time, help him with color and overall design.  The above illustration for
is but one example of the two artists' collaborations. He also recommended Frazetta to Wolheim, but
Wolheim was at first reluctant to use Frazetta's work.  When Krenkel got far enough behind and couldn’t meet a
deadline, Wolheim was left with little choice but to try Frazetta out.   On short notice, Frazetta produced the iconic
cover painting for the ACE edition of
Tarzan and the Lost Empire [follow this link for a variant based on this
paperback cover]. The rest is history, because Frank Frazetta went on to become the most famous and influential
fantasy artist of the twentieth century, or for that matter any other century.

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