Variant - Tarzan and the Lost Empire - Cover art by Frank Frazetta
Tarzan and the Lost Empire - G&D editions - Frank Frazetta            $10.99

The lead artist for the Edgar Rice Burroughs paperback reprints from ACE Books during the 1962 to '65 revival was  
Roy G. Krenkel.  Roy was a brilliant draftsman, but very often he did not do well meeting deadlines.  He also
professed to having problems handling color in his work.   Sometime in 1962 or '63, he asked his friend Frank
Frazetta, out of work at the time, to help him when deadlines pressed or when he felt he needed support with color.  
Occasionally, the two artists would work together on ACE Books commissions.  The cover of
Tarzan Triumphant is
an example of this collaboration.   When Roy found himself unable to meet the demands (two ERB titles released per
month) of Donald A. Wolheim, ACE editor, the ever-generous Krenkel asked Wolheim to hire his friend Frank to do
the cover illustration for at least one of that month's titles,  Against his own preferences, the desperate editor asked
Frank to do the cover art for
Tarzan and the Lost Empire.  It was an instant hit with the buying public, and, as they
say, the rest is history, because Frazetta went on to become the most popular fantasy artist of the 20th or any other
century.  According to Frazetta, "Roy Krenkel has never ceased to be a constant source of inspiration to me. . ."  To
the last, Frazetta, the acknowledged master of fantasy illustration, told everyone of his appreciation for the leg-up his
friend had provided at a critical juncture in his brilliant career.

Perhaps because this was my first encounter with Frank, this cover illustration, the first paperback cover produced
in Frazetta's long career, is my personal favorite among all the illustrations done for the Tarzan series.

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