TARZAN AND THE LION MAN - G&D variant - Ray Dean illustration for Liberty Magazine
TARZAN AND THE LION MAN - Variant G&D Ray Dean - $12.99
From November 11, 1933, through January 6, 1934 LIBERTY Magazine ran the serial Tarzan and the Lion Man by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  
Illustrator Ray Dean decorated each episode with wonderful, realistically executed, two-color paintings.  Over the years these illustrations
have become harder to find, because copies of the LIBERTYs that carried this story have been collected by Burroughs enthusiasts.  As a result
Ray Dean's contribution to ERB art is almost unknown outside the ranks of those few collectors who have over the years scanned Liberty's
ERB illustrations into their computer files.
  One such generous collector sent me a set of these beautifully realized paintings.  Another showed
me this illustration joined together (In the magazine it covered two pages with a break in the middle) and suggested that it might make a good

On the "Desktop Backgrounds" navbar tab above, you'll find a few other Dean illustrations from that series that I have posted in hopes that
others will be just as impressed by Dean's talent as I was when I first saw his LIBERTY work a few months back.

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