Tarzan The Invincible - based on Frank Frazetta illustration for 1963 ACE Books for G&D editions
Tarzan the Invincible - variant for G&D editions - artist Frank Frazetta - $12.99
Tarzan the Invincible - This illustration was originally used for the March, 1963, ACE books release of this title. I adapted it into a
wrap-around variant jacket. The front flap is a list of all of the Tarzan novels. The back flap is a short essay describing La of
Opar and her role in the Tarzan series.

The 1960s ACE books editor, Donald Wolheim, did not copyright the Roy G. Krenkel and Frank Frazetta art used on these iconic
paperback editions. I've heard from reliable sources that since Wolheim believed that the titles themselves had fallen into the
public domain, that copyrighting them would be pointless. Whether this is true or not is unknown to me. However, I do know
that all of these covers are now in the public domain. I've posted one or two so far as variants, and as I develop them, more will

This variant will fit ERB Inc 1st editions, ERB Inc. red reprints, and G&D reprints.
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