Variant - Tarzan and the Golden Lion
Variant based on P. J. Monahan's December 9, 1922 cover for the first in a seven-part serialization of Tarzan and the
Golden Lion
in Argosy All-Story Weekly.

Monahan's iconic portrayal is not the wimp of the movies
. This is a Tarzan of real-strength, of body and character. He has
a confident grasp on his world and our imaginations.  In this illustration Tarzan is the experience-sharpened power in his
a mythic, jungle world that lived only in the minds of the Colonial-era Europeans and an American public who
romanticized them, a world recast in each adventure novel of Victorian and depression-era writers of escapist adventure,
most notably Rudyard Kipling, H. Ryder Haggard, and, of course, Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I have always loved this P.J. Monahan image created for the cover of the December 1922 serialization of TARZAN AND
THE GOLDEN LION. Don't get me wrong; I love the
St. John illustration used on the early editions of this book.  However,
I have also always wanted to see this wonderful Monahan illustration on a DJ for this title. So, I have created a DJ using
the Monahan image for a McClurg or Grosset and Dunlap book. For the back cover, I used a "biography" of Tarzan.  For
the front flap, I used the Ballantine books blurb for the paperback edition. For the back flap, I entered some critical
remarks about Burroughs' influence. I added a G&D logo and a Burroughs doodad to the spine.  

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TARZAN AND THE GOLDEN LION - Monahan variant for McClurg editions - $10.99
TARZAN AND THE GOLDEN LION - Monahan variant for G&D editions- $10.99