Tarzan and the Ant Men - Variant DJ built around a McClurg counter card illustration
Tarzan and the Ant Men - G&D - counter card illustration -  $11.99
NOTE: The price for this variant is slightly higher than many others on this website
because of the large area of black ink required. An area of a single, dense color like
this black uses more than twice the normal amount of ink as would be used
in a more broken group of colors.
Counter card variant - I recently stumbled across a jpeg file of this nostalgic, campy counter card (front cover above). It rather
tickled the streak of whimsy in me that rarely gets tickled by anything.  I therefore immediately sat down at my computer to create a
The anonymous artist copied the St. John cover, and even as a copy I kind of like his interpretation.

ABOUT COUNTER CARDS: According to www.uprinting.com/counter-cards.htm, a counter card is a marketing tool any business can
use. It is a flat advertising material put in strategic locations such as countertops, information desks or waiting areas. They are
commonly used as point of purchase displays, service menus, event signs and trade show displays. A.C. McClurg used these cards
to promote new releases.