THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT - variant based on 1927 Vaclav Cutta illustration
THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT - variant - Vaclav Cutta illustration     $10.99
C. 1927, The L. Sotek Publishing house of Prague, Czechoslovakia, began publishing
Burroughs in paperback form. The covers were illustrated by Czech artist Vaclav Cutta.
Cutta's compositions normally copied St. John's illustrations for Burroughs' English-
language American editions. (See examples of this practice at the variants pages for
Princess of Mars and The Mucker.) However, for the paperback book cover for The Land That
Time Forgot
he created a completely original composition. Cutta was not a great artist, but
his work always had an ancient-looks* feel which, when combined with the art-nouveau and  
art-deco forms taught in art schools of the era, gave Cutta's work its own distinctive style.
**Thanks Tangor for the term
"ancient looks." I hope you don't
mind me using it.