THE GODS OF MARS - variant for G&D editions - Vaclav Cutta illustration
THE GODS OF MARS - variant - G&D editions - Vaclav Cutta - $10.99
  Variant for THE GODS OF MARS - The artwork produced
by Vaclav Cutta in the late 1920s were not very original
compositions.  Most of his illustrations were based on
original cover art produced for American editions.  The
cover for the Czechoslovakian edition
(see right) of the L. Sotec
Company was based on Lawrence Schoonover's 1918 cover
for the McClurg first edition.  

  However, derivative as it is, I like Cutta's style, a
transitional form bridging neo-classicism and art-deco; this
odd style is recognizable in all the works I have seen, and
based on that preference only, I decided to make a variant
for G&D editions.  For the back cover, I used a Roy Krenkel
public-domain illustration from one of Roy's ACE
frontispieces.  The back cover photo was taken from an
internet source which I can't now recall.