"The Skeleton Men of Jupiter" - A variant designed for the Canaveral Press edition
John Carter of Mars
THE SKELETON MEN OF JUPITER - A variant designed for Canaveral editions of John Carter of Mars  - $10.99
Variant created for Canaveral editions of John Carter of Mars -  I have always loathed the book the editor of
Canaveral Press called the "eleventh book" in the Martian Series,
John Carter of Mars, because it includes the novelette
written by John Coleman Burroughs for a children's edition published by Whitman Books,
John Carter and the Giant of
A longer version was submitted to AMAZING STORIES under Burroughs' name by the manager of ERB Inc, Ralph
Rothman. ERB himself was living in Hawaii at the time and probably did not know of the novelette's submission. When
published the novelette had been so poorly researched and developed that readers of the time complained loudly
about it appearing in the magazine at all. I complained just a loudly the first time I tried to read it when I was fifteen.
The novelette really is terrible.

How did it happen that this mish-mash occurred: In 1964, wanting new Burroughs material to publish, Canaveral Press
published JCB's terrible novelette along with another novelette,
Skeleton Men of Jupiter together as one book. The two
stories, one terribly written and not canon, the other  Burroughs' beginning of an incomplete novel, were simple jammed
together for what I believe where purely mercenary reasons, certainly not for artistic reasons.  Personally, I have never
considered this jamming together of these two stories anything more than a curiosity; much less an actual eleventh book.

If this volume was his only guide to how good the rest of the series might be, a new reader trying out ERB's Martian novels
for the first time would have no reason to go on with another Martian book after reading the JCB novelette at the beginning
of the book.

The second novelette in the Canaveral edition,
Skeleton Men of Jupiter, was received enthusiastically by readers of the
time and admired by all readers ever since. It was intended to be the first novelette in a series of possibly four that would
have made up a new book in the Martian series  And personally, I and many others have always lamented that ERB never
got to write the sequels that would have turned this terrific beginning into the authentic eleventh book in the Martian

When a friend in the ERB community of fans suggested to me that a new jacket could be developed placing the primary
emphasis on the only true ERB-written novelette in the Canaveral volume, I took his suggestion to heart and immediately
began the development of this variant using the St. John illustration from the original AMAZING STORIES publication of

I've enjoyed doing this variant and am happy with the final result, and I hope you are too.