Savage Pellucidar - Variant DJ based on a black/white drawing by J. Allen St. John
                                                   - color application by
Savage Pellucidar - Variant DJ for Canaveral Press editions - Primary b/w art by J. Allen St. John
                               - Color application and design by - $12.99
Variant dust jacket for Savage Pellucidar: About a six months to a year ago I was asked by an editor to
submit some color applications for some St. John drawings to a new edition of
Savage Pellucidar. My
submissions failed to pass muster and Phil Norman's submissions did. However, the editor suggested
that the color effects in the above might be better suited to a dust jacket.

   Personally, I think he told me this so that I wouldn't feel so bad about being rejected; however, he did not
need to assuage my unhappiness, for if I had known Phil also had submitted colorizations to him, I would never
have submitted anything. Competing with Phil's very refined technique is an exercise in futility. My editor was
correct in choosing him. Yet, my ego being what it is, I took the editor's suggestion anyway (sincere or not) and
designed the above variant.

   I found that when done, my editor was right, because the DJ
and the subsequently designed poster came out
rather well. I hope you think so, too.