Variant - PELLUCIDAR - Canaveral Press editions only - St. John artwork
PELLUCIDAR - St John Variant Canaveral Press  -  $9.99
PELLUCIDAR - Variant DJ. This was the second variant I designed for the Canaveral Pellucidar series. I have never cared for
the DJs as released by Canaveral in their early publishing history. It's not until after they hire Richard Lupoff to edit the
books do they finally begin to do quality work. The pre-Lupoff Canaveral editions used a very good illustrator, Mahlon
Blaine, but his stylistic impressions were simply ill suited to Burroughs' adventure-fantasies. So I decided to do something I
felt to be more appropriate.

To create the illusion of color in the J. Allen St. John two-color illustration used as the frontispiece in the McClurg edition
(see above left), I used Photoshop to layer the transparent hues, halting only when I felt tone and value were correct, giving
the finished illustration a water-color look that I find esthetically pleasing.  I did not care for the spine design; so I reworked
it and replaced the back cover with an essay describing Pellucidar.  I found the end result satisfying, and I hope you like it,
PELLUCIDAR - St. John Variant G&D edition - $9.99