Llana of Gathol - St. John Variant - ERB Inc. editions
LLANA OF GATHOL - St. John Variant ERB Inc. edition - $10.99
LLANA OF GATHOL - Variant dust jacket built around the J. Allen St. John illustration for the WINTER 1941 edition of AMAZING
STORIES QUARTERLY.  I have always liked the John Coleman Burroughs illustration done for the 1948 ERB Inc edition of this
title, but I have also admired the four covers created for the four novelettes, originally published in AMAZING.  Combined, tho
four novelettes make up this novel.
  The rest of the variant is put together from various sources. The front flap blurb is partly borrowed from the original ERB
Inc edition and partly rewritten to adapt it to my requirements for readability and style.  The back cover and
flap essays are
original, but the ideas contained therein are not, coming from various written references in my library and online.  I like the

colorful end result, and I hope you do to.

Once purchased, your dust jacket will be wrapped in a mylar dust cover, packed flat, and mailed within forty-eight hours of payment,.  Shipping in the USA
is free, calculated in the cost of the product.

International shipping to Canada and Great Britain only: $8.00 added to the overall costs.  (See SERVICES on the navbar above.)

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