Jungle Girl - Variant - Roy G Krenkel cover for ACE Books October 1963 edition
JUNGLE GIRL - Variant - Roy G. Krenkel illustration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                $9.99
Jungle Girl was originally published in THE BLUE BOOK MAGAZINE, May to September 1931, as The Land of Hidden Men, which is a much better title than the campy Jungle Girl.  When ACE
Books published the book in 1963, they went with the magazine title. Oddly enough, the book has inspired some of the very best illustrations done for a Burroughs book. The original first
edition illustration by
Studley Burroughs, ERB's nephew, has a rich atmospheric feeling that perfectly matches the dream-like opening chapters. The magazine cover illustration done by
Laurence Herndon recreates a scene from the action-adventure plot that could match any of ERB heroic adventures. However, my personal favorite has always been the 1963 Krenkel front
cover seen above.
I like the final version above and hope you do, too.  This variant dust jacket will fit both the ERB  Inc. and G&D editions.