Jungle Girl - Variant based on Laurence Herndon cover for BLUE BOOK, May 1931,
and the 1964 ACE Books edition cover by Roy G. Krenkel
Fantasy-variant dust jackets for the ERB Inc. and Grosset & Dunlap editions of JUNGLE GIRL by Edgar Rice Burroughs:  Studley O.
Burroughs did the dust jacket art (above right) for all editions of this title printed in ERB's life
time. There is a surreal quality to this cover art
that well matches the dreamlike opening chapters of JUNGLE GIRL. However, overall I have always felt this painting to be too static for the
type of high adventure, action story the book becomes. Instead, to me the Laurence Herndon illustration for the 1931 cover of THE BLUE

BOOK MAGAZINE and the 1964 cover created by Roy G. Krenkel for ACE Books perfectly capture the spirit of the story with their illustra-
tions of a struggle against odds in a hostile world. I find it difficult to impossible to decide which of the two above I like the best. So, I'll make
no recommendation and leave it up to you.
Jungle Girl - Herndon - Variant for G&D edition - $10.99
The Original Studley Burroughs design
Jungle Girl - Krenkel - Variant for G&D edition - $10.99