Variant - A Fighting Man of Mars - Front cover art by J.H. Hartley - Publisher: The Bodley Head of Great Britian
A Fighting Man of Mars -J. H. Hartley  Variant G&D  - $10.99
   Fantasy variant dust jacket for A FIGHTING MAN OF MARS: The Hugh Hutton dust jacket painting for A FIGHTING MAN
OF MARS is generally considered a poor example of Burroughs illustration. For a complete discussion on how this poorly
done illo was produced see Phil Normand's essay on producing his own first edition variant at under the
heading of "Readings." I am in agreement with the general opinion of ERB fans, the Hutton painting is probably the worst
of the front-cover illustrations produced in ERB's lifetime. (The '60s Canaveral Mahlon Blaine illustrations are the worst of
all time.) I have, therefore, created a fantasy variant using the J. H. Hartley illustration from the second edition of the British
publisher, The Bodley Head, who published this work in 1933 and again in 1936.

   This particular variant of this dust jacket was created to fit either the US Metropolitan first edition or Grosset & Dunlap

COMMENT: Phil Normand is without doubt the finest maker of ERB first edition dust jackets on the planet. His web page
is colorful, informative, and easy to navigate. When I finally obtained a GOOD copy of the first edition of A PRINCESS OF MARS, I did

not even consider trying to make it myself. I ordered it from Normand, and it is a thing of beauty. I can't recommend him highly enough.
His website is located at  ----------

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