Carson of Venus - Canaveral and G&D editions - Rudolph Belarski artwork
CARSON OF VENUS - Belarski variant - Canaveral Press - $10.99

About Rudolph Belarski

       I drafted the following short essay about Belarski from three different Wikipedia

       During the late 20’s, pulp publishers were trying specialized titles, magazines with fiction
that centered on a central theme
i.e. gangsters, fire Fighters, spies, navy Stories. Aviation
magazines were
an attempt to fill yet another void. AIR STORIES from Fiction House was the
first aviation title, but it was soon followed by a host of others, including Dell’s WAR BIRDS.  
Belarski’s talented brush produced art for nearly all of them.

       Starting in those early Avaition pulps, Rudolph Belarski became a master of all types of
pulp illustration, but it was for the adventure magazines that he excelled.  Of all the genres
that pulp magazine publishers published, the adventure genre perhaps had the largest
readership.  Titles like ARGOSY, THRILLING ADVENTURE, ALL-AMERICAN FICTION, along with
dozens of other adventure titles screamed for the readers attention.  Their fiction spanned
from the ancient historical to future science.  Characters sprang from their pages into the
popular culture conscience.  Characters like Tarzan, Doctor Kildare, Horatio Hornblower,
John Carter of Mars, crept into the lives of their readers and spawned new breeds of
entertainment in the form of comic books, paperbacks and television.

       Belarski’s cover illustrations ran the gamut of pulp illustration.  In his covers you could
almost see the sweat forming on the brow of some explorer hacking through an African
jungle, the bullets tearing through the jodhpurs of some pith-helmeted adventurer, or feel
the sword of a Russian Cossack.  Working for both Munsey’s ARGOSY and Pine’s THRILLING
ADVENTURE, Belarski brought to life many a dashing swashbuckler.

       Although adventure fiction magazines were among the last to die out when the pulps
faded into obscurity, Rudolph Belarski turned in his last canvases for ARGOSY and
THRILLING ADVENTURE early on during World War II.  For Belarski, his art was going to
change course back to his past where he first got his start in painting covers for the aviation
magazines… this time illustrating British, Canadian and American aviators.

       In the 1950s Belarski transferred his talents to the paperback book industry.  It is a
testament to his talent that today his work is actively sought by collectors of both pulp and  
paperback-cover art.  He died in December of 1983.
CARSON OF VENUS - Belarski variant - ERB Inc. - $10.99
ARGOSY WEEKLY ran Carson of Venus as a weekly serial from January 8 to February 12,
1938.  Only the first issue was given a full color cover by artist Rudolph Belarski.  I used that
color illustration for this variant to replace the poorly executed Canaveral redesign cover
done by Sam Sigaloff from John Coleman Burroughs' first edition cover.
Air War - Rudolph Belaski - 1941