The Pellucidar Series - illustrations by Krenkel and Frazetta from the 1962-3 Pellucidar Books
                                           published by ACE Books
Pellucidar - ERB's Hollow-Earth World

Burroughs opens Tarzan at the Earth’s Core with these famous lines, “Pellucidar, as every schoolboy knows, is a world
within a world, lying as it does, upon the inner surface of the hollow sphere, which is the Earth.” Which all makes complete
sense if you understand that in Burroughs’ literary universe, Pellucidar is the inside surface of our hollow Earth, whose
crust is only 500 miles thick.

In this world, every land feature is the opposite of its counterpart on the outer surface of the planet.  Oceans on Earth are
land masses in Pellucidar, and visa versa.  The outer surface is convex with a finite horizon; the inner world is concave
having no definable horizon, only geography that sweeps upwards until it is lost in the distant haze.    

A small sun floats at the center of the Earth lighting Pellucidar with unchanging never-ending daylight.  Without the diurnal
cycle to guide our human sense of time, Pellucidar is an oddly timeless world.   This inner sun has a moon that revolves
around it at the same speed as the Earth’s rotation, thus to earthly eyes, remaining always in the same space in the sky.  
The shadow cast by this moon blots out the sunlight
, thus stunting the vegetation growing in this “land of Awful

Various human and non-human stone-age cultures occupy Pellucidar, some more or less advanced than others.  Over the
centuries some heroic groups from the surface have entered Pellucidar via Mechanical Mole and through the polar opening
located at the northern magnetic pole.  Only in the novels of the Pellucidar series can we become one of these heroic
peoples.  So let's join David Innes, Abner Perry, Tarzan of the Apes, and all the other ERB heroes in this wondrous land of
contrasts beneath the earth.                     
The Burroughs Revival of the 1960s.

You'll probably get lots of argument over which book started the boom in Burroughs publishing in the early '60s.  However,
for me, and for probably thousands of others, the boom began with those wonderful ACE Books editions so garishly and
beautifully illustrated by Roy G. Krenkel and his friend Frank Frazetta.  My first Burroughs books were the Whitman
Tarzans, but I really didn't become a Burroughs addict until I stumbled across a Krenkel-illustrated ACE edition of
Maid of Mars
at a friend's house.  That cover was stunning and to this day it remains high on the list of my favorites.  I was
immediately hooked and have been ever since.   

I only recently learned that the wonderful illustrations done for the ACE ERB books are in the public domain.  I couldn't
resist the temptation to use them for variants.  Below you find variant dust jackets for the ACE Pellucidar books.  I've tried
to make them as uniform as possible.  I've completed a set for McClurg/G&D
./ERB/Metropolitan editions.  I've also
completed a uniform set of Canaveral variants employing different color schemes and colorized drawings. Both sets are
below. I'll probably never sell them as a set, but I wanted them for my own collection, and I hope that others will like them,
SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR - Frazetta Canaveral Press editions only - $10.99
LAND OF TERROR - Frazetta - ERB Inc. editions only - $10.99
BACK TO THE STONE AGE - Krenkel - ERB Inc. and G&D editions only - $10.99
TARZAN AT THE EARTH'S CORE - Frazetta - Metropolitan and G&D editions only - $10.99
TANAR OF PELLUCIDAR - Krenkel - Metropolitan and G&D editions only - $10.99
PELLUCIDAR - Krenkel - McClurg and G&D editions only - $10.99
AT THE EARTH'S CORE - Krenkel - McClurg and G&D editions only - $10.99
At the Earth's Core - Krenkel - Canaveral editions only - $11.99
Pellucidar - KrenKel =- Canaveral editions only - $11.99
TANAR OF PELLUCIDAR - Krenkel - Canaveral editions only - $11.99
TARZAN AT THE EARTH'S CORE - Frazetta - Canaveral editions only - $10.99
BACK TO THE STONE AGE - Krenkel - Canaveral editions only - $11.99
LAND OF TERROR - Frazetta - Canaveral editions - blue tint- $10.99
SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR - Frazetta brown DJ Canaveral Press editions only - $11.99
LAND OF TERROR - Frazetta - Black cover - Canaveral - black toned edition - $11.99
A good customer did not particularly care for the blue-tinted variant of this title, saying it did not match other Canaverals on this page,
and asked if I would do a darker jacket that would better match the rest of Canaveral variants on the ACE cover page. After some study, I
decided he was correct. Hence, the black-toned jacket above.