First Editions - The Girl From Hollywood
The Girl From Hollywood - 1st edition 1923  $10.99                                                                                                                               The Girl From Hollywood - c. 1924/25   $10.99  
The Girl From Hollywood - c. 1925   $10.99                                                                                                                                           The Girl from Hollywood - c. 1926     $10.99  
A Note about The Girl from Hollywood: Much controversy swirls around the problems identifying
the first edition of this particular title.  See, THE BURROUGHS BULLETIN - NEW
SERIES #31, or Robert Zeuschner's EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: THE BIBLIOGRAPHY (2016) for a
complete discussion of the issues involved.  

Also, to further confuse the issue for a facsimile DJ designer, Macauley published this work in
multiple editions using various dust jacket designs - variations consisted of changes in the
advertisements on the back cover and back flap.  See Zeuschner for a complete description of
each edition.  However, Zeuschner doesn't completely describe the DJ for each edition.  

For many months now, I have worked in the dark on the nuances of difference between the
various dust jackets made for this title.  However, as good luck would have it, I have been able to
make contact with a noted Canadian bibliographer who has graciously volunteered to help me
correct my errors on the various differences in these jackets.  He has recently sent me a draft of
his current, and very revealing, research results.

Armed with this new knowledge, I now know of seven types, and there may be more but I doubt
it.  To be as sure as possible about the seven below, I have checked these against the new
information received.  I am confident that the facsimiles below are as accurate as anyone will
make.  They are not as pretty, but the contents are accurate.

On the advice of my Canadian correspondent and on the various sources I've been able to
research, I personally think that the facsimile marked as the "1st edition 1923" below is the
correct facsimile for the first edition, but maybe . . . Oh, well!  After you read about the issue at, in Zeuschner, or The Bulletin, you will hopefully be able to choose from the seven
choices below.
The Girl From Hollywood. G.W. Goss DJ illustration for the British Methuen edition.
The Girl From Hollywood - c. 1927    $10.99  
The Girl From Hollywood - c. 1928       $10.99  
The Girl From Hollywood - c. 1930    $10.99  
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