DJ for the classic reference work by Richard A Lupoff —

EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: Master of Adventure
Facsimile DJ for Canaveral Press Hardbound editions of EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: MASTER OF ADVENTURE.

  This effort is a straight-forward scan of the DJ from my collection. However, I had to modify the front and back flaps in order to make this
work with my equipment and paper. The actual jacket is 25 inches wide, but 19 is the maximum size I can work with. I therefore "squeezed"
the flaps by three inches each to make it work in the format I had to use. The front and back covers and the spine have not been modified
and are exactly the correct size for the Canaveral first edition  The finished product looks great on my book. As always I will protect the DJ
in a mylar library cover, and I will fit it on my book to ensure the fit before I send it to you the customer.