All of the illustrations below are in the public domain. The A. C. McClurg illustrations ran out as the copyrights expired. The ACE cover illustrations were
never copyrighted by the publisher.

I sent sample posters to various customers to see how they would be received:

"Charlie, WOW, those prints you sent are really nice. They arrived to day. Will have to mat them to keep them nice. . . [In the ellipsis the writer spoke of how he
would go about matting and framing the posters. He then closed with the following.] Those are beautiful prints." (Customer in Sedona Arizona)

"Charles, Thank you for the great Princess of Mars poster." (Customer in San Jose, CA)

"Charlie, The THUVIA poster was a terrific surprise. I know in your note that came with the poster, you called it a poster not a print, but I think I'll see about
framing it anyway. Again, thanks." (Customer in Savannah, GA)

Your poster will be printed on 39 lb. card-stock. The image proportions will be sustained, even though each picture will be printed on a 13/19 inch sheet.
Each will be printed on a wide-format printer, EPSON WF 7620, and then mailed in a sturdy tube mailer. Because of the high cost of ink necessary for
the sharpest possible images on so large a scale, I have priced each image at $12.99.

And of course, if you are dissatisfied with this or any other product sold on this site, I'll happily refund your money. I hope you enjoy the images and can
find a place for at least one on a valued wall.

LLANA OF GATHOL - Robert K. Abbott's composition was originally a portrait composition for the paperback publication in 1963. However, I also I like it
as a landscape composition turned on its side. I'm sure purists will tell me I shouldn't change Abbett's work at all. Most of the time I would agree, but heck-fire! It
works both ways.
Roy Krenkel is my favorite ERB artist. Most modern critics and art historians see him as a first-class
draftsman, but few would call him a great artist. But for fans of Burroughs' work Roy evoked ERB's
wonder-worlds in hundreds of drawings that he more-often-than-not gave away to various individuals
and fan publications. The three works below are examples of this
gratis work with which he so often
enlivened the world of ERB fandom.

"Smilodon" --- Artist - Roy G. Krenkel
Original pen and ink drawing --- Color tints done
I like horizontal compositions. So I played with the original Krenkel work to transform it from portrait to landscape. Not
sure it worked but fun to play with. To transform this vertical illustration (see right) into a horizontal poster I copied
elements from the bottom foreground and shifted them around, stretching, enlarging and pulling as needed. I moved
the birds around some and for interest added a bit of blue for a pale water effect. For a wrap-around variant DJ of this
title go