Links and References to websites and works devoted to Edgar Rice Burroughs scholarship and fandom
Scholarship and fandom -

the premiere site for everything ERB.  Literally, thousands of webpages covering all aspects of ERB's life and work. I
particularly like the C.H.A.S.E.R. section for it's encyclopedic bibliographic entries on the various publishers and
publication dates of ERB's work. -

a site dedicated to the identification of ERB first editions.  This is where you can go for a fast (or slow, for that matter)
reference if you ever have any doubts about whether or not a book is an ERB first. -

The Burroughs Bibliophiles is a world-wide organization of aficionados who share a love for the works and characters of
the American author Edgar Rice Burroughs, the celebrated author of Tarzan. The group's membership list boasts its fair
share of  best-selling authors, artists, scientists, teachers and academicians, as well as readers who simply love a good
story well told.

The Dream Vaults of Opar -

Patrick Adkins, the author of every essay on this web-site, made his journey down the River Iss in April of 2015.  This particular
web-site contains the general thoughts and musings about Edgar Rice Burroughs which Pat published originally in the ERB-APA, a
small distribution publication which limits it subscription list to its writers only.  In such a publication people outside the association
have only limited access to its contents.  In contrast to this tradition of limited distribution Pat has put all of his entries onto this
website.  In general, I find each of these essays at least amusing, often very much so, and at their best, they are informative and
interesting thoughts of a Burroughs reader who has seriously considered each work and knows how to express those thoughts.  
Good, fun site. -

An uber-fan, Tangor operates a fun website that contains literally hundreds (maybe more) pages on Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Not quite
as exhaustive as, erblist does however come very close:  Glossaries, reviews, articles, essays and columnists,
bibliographies, lists of every kind imaginable!  Tangor tells us that on this site we will find "new art as well as hundreds of samples by
the most famous illustrators of Burroughs' works;  ERB's novels in the Public Domain; new ERB-style stories, "pastiches," of beloved
characters or worlds; info regarding ERB fandom around the world; interactive features: ERBdb (database), Quotes, Links, Surveys
and Polls; and, of course, ERBList and the new ERBLIST FORUMS!"  Some of the articles and essays here are lively and informed,
and just plain fun to read.   Visit once and you will stay for hours.  It's fun.
Facsimile dust jackets -

Almost anyone involved in ERB scholarship, minutia, or fandom can tell you that Phil's site is where you find the finest
ERB first-edition, facsimile dust jackets available anywhere.  His research and craft are among the best, and I can't
recommend him highly enough.
Reference Works

Henry Hardy Heins, A Golden Anniversary Bibliography of Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1964, reprinted and revised 2001, publisher:
Donald M. Grant, still available for $100.00 + $3.00 shipping, ISBN 1-880418-51-7.   

The publisher's website says "This Golden Anniversary Bibliography of Edgar Rice Burroughs is the first serious book ever published
dealing exclusively with Burroughs. It identifies in detail all of the known book and magazine versions of Burroughs' stories with clear and
often fascinating guidance on how to tell them apart."  I have no disagreements with any of the foregoing.  Heins' bibliography is the
beginning of all serious ERB academia, making it difficult to access it's impact.  For years it was the reference "Bible" for anyone who needed
information that was otherwise difficult-to-impossible to find.  Heins' work lists precise information concerning each edition -  artists and their
illustrations in each work, for example.  Also, particularly for the novice reader/collector of ERB, this book is just fun to open and browse
through.  Minister Heins has loaded the book with articles and illustrations that illuminate ERB's life, and the marketing and publishing of his

Robert B. Zeuschner, EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: The Bibliography. Publisher ERB Inc. Two editions were released in
limited numbers: THE STANDARD EDITION: ISBN: 978-1-945462-00-9 $100.00 and THE DELUXE EDITION: ISBN: 978-1-
945462-01-6 $150.00 ---- Order at

In June 2008, I  purchased a  used copy of Bob Zeuschner's first pass at a bibliography of ERB's works.  As soon as I opened that first
bibliography by Zeuschner I was enthralled.  After studying it and using it to check books in my own collection, I knew then and still believe it
will be hard to find a more definitive compendium of the hardbound works of ERB.  On June 10, 2008, two days after I received my copy, I
enthusiastically endorsed the book in an eBay review: "ZEUSCHNER'S LABOR OF LOVE: If you are a fan of the works of Edgar Rice
Burroughs, then this book was meant to rest on your book case. Those of us who love the adventure novels of ERB also tend to be
fascinated by all the miscellany that we can't help but become involved in as we pursue our quest to obtain every work written by this
fascinating author. This book feeds that fascination with wonderful exactness. It concentrates on all the important details that separate the
various hard cover editions, yet covers areas rarely touched by other bibliographers - the Big Little Books, for example. I've just finished
reading all the introductory material and have closely studied the annexes, and am now amending my notes to include Zeuschner's elegantly
simple annotations. Zeuschner's labor of love was worth every penny of its price, and I can't recommend it highly enough."

However, this year, 2016, Mr. Zeuschner has updated his bibliography and released it through a new publisher, ERB Inc.  Now take everything
I said above and expand it from a book with a couple of hundred references to a book with a couple of thousand, and then add hundreds of
illustrations in B&W and hundreds more in color. Jim Sullos the CEO of Edgar Rice Burroughs Incorporated had this to say
about the release of this grand work:

"Edgar Rice Burroughs, well known for his tales of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, has been rightfully dubbed The Master of
Adventure, but few are aware of the full scope of Burroughs’ literary output in a writing career that spanned four decades. During his
lifetime, Burroughs created worlds that ranged from the Earth's core to the Farthest Star, inhabited by larger-than-life heroes and
heroines, populated by unimaginable creatures and captivating landscapes.
“We are absolutely thrilled to publish this very special book, which has been almost twenty years in the making,. . . We opened our
archives to Dr. Zeuschner and he has produced the definitive account of everything published by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This is a one-
of-a-kind illustrated bibliography that should be a must for anyone interested in ERB, the history of pulp fiction and the works that
inspired Superman and every other pulp hero since.”

I've had my copy for a couple of weeks now and use it multiple times each day. It's a marvel, and there is no recommendation high enough to
adequately praise this meticulously researched and illustrated book. Buy it! You won't be sorry.
John Coleman Burroughs (Jack), Illustrator and youngest son of ERB

BORN: Chicago, Illinois February 28, 1913

YOUTH: Raised on father’s 500 acre ranch, San Fernando Valley, near Hollywood,

SCHOOLING: Private schools, Van Nuys High, Majored in Art, Pomona College;
scholarships, prizes ~ Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa.

ART INSTRUCTORS:  Nicolai Fechin, Elmer Schofield, Thomas Beggs, Frederic Taubes,
Burt Procter.

WORK: Wrote and illustrated stories for fantasy and science-fiction magazines. Book
illustrator ~ Artist and writer for nationally syndicated fantasy feature ~ Studio illustrator
and sketch artist: Warner Brothers, Universal Studios ~ One man shows and gallery
exhibitions in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois.

SUBJECTS: Mexican and Indian types, children, Polynesians, desert scenes, western
landscape, mariner. Artist uses his own children, friends as the faces for many of his
character studies; employs some professional models.

HOBBIES: Sculpturing, ceramics, photography, hiking, swimming, horseback riding.

                             - text adapted  from
John Coleman Burroughs - Cover Illustration for
Llana of Gathol - tenth book in the Martian Series.
Vernel Coriell - Founder of
the Burroughs Bibliophiles