Grosset & Dunlap - Non-series - page 2
Laurence Herndon cover illustration for the first installment of THE BLUE
BOOK MAGAZINE'S 1931 serialization of
JUNGLE GIRL when released in hardcover.  (Click here for
information on a variant dust jacket designed around this illustration.)
Jungle Girl - G&D Version 2    $10.99  
Jungle Girl - G&D Antiqued Version     $11.99
The Land That Time Forgot -  antiqued version - $11.99

NOTE: See "Quality Control" on the navbar for an essay on how this DJ was made.
The Monster Men - G&D antiqued version    $11.99
The Monster Men V2  G&D  - $10.99  
THE MOON MAID - G&D Antiqued Version -  $11.99  
The Moon Maid - G&D V2 -  $10.99  
THE MAD KING  - G&D Antiqued Version - $11.99
NOTE: the grid lines you see in the portrait of ERB above are not
present in the final product.
THE MAD KING - G&D VERSION 2 - $10.99  
NOTE;  On this page you will often see two facsimile versions of the same dust jacket.  This happens because as my collection grows and I gain new DJs to
work with, I correct those facsimiles that were fairly rough when finished.   Yet these rough first efforts have virtues, such as an authentic look more closely
resembling an original, older jacket.   

The first version will be what I have called the "Antiqued Version," a facsimile in which I have made few corrections other that cleaning up the edges. The
second, called "Version 2," has been considerably corrected so that while the finish may not be completely white, it has had most of the blemishes removed
and the text corrected.  Below see
The Land That Time Forgot and The Mad King for examples of these different types.  Sometime I can correct the overall
jacket values back to the original white, see Jungle Girl above for an example.  
THE WAR CHIEF - G&D Version 2 - $10.99
THE WAR CHIEF - G&D Antiqued version  - $11.99