Grosset & Dunlap Reprints - Tarzan Series - 1 through 9
Tarzan of the Apes G&D    $11.99
The Return of Tarzan G&D  $10.99     
The Son of Tarzan G&D   $10.99
Jungle Tales of Tarzan G&D     $10.99
Tarzan the Terrible - 1926-27    $10.99
Tarzan and the Golden Lion - G&D C. 1927-Movie Tie-in      $10.99
 J. Allen St. John illustration for TARZAN AND THE JEWELS OF OPAR, first
edition 1918 - In the introduction to
Pulp Art by Robert Lesser, Danton
Burroughs, ERB's grandson and at the time manager of Edgar Rice
Burroughs Inc. wrote:

 To most people pulp art is something they either bought from the
news-stands when they were kids or else discovered when they were
older and began to collect the exciting old magazines themselves. For me
it was different. Because my grandfather was Edgar Rice Burroughs, and
my father [John Coleman Burroughs] illustrated many books, that was the
kind of artwork I commonly saw around the house. It just seemed natural
to me. Whereas other homes might have paintings of sunsets or scenes
of bucolic rural life, I saw framed paintings of Tarzan of the Apes.
One of the most striking of these is the cover to
Tarzan and the Jewels of
. This colorful painting from 1918 by J. Allen St. John shows a
knife-wielding Tarzan in a life-and-death battle with a huge black-maned
lion. In the distance La of Opar watches from the altar where someone is
about to be sacrificed. The subdued yellow of the background sets off the
powerful majestic golden color of the lion. Is it any wonder that St. John
was my grandfather's favorite cover artist? It was a long time before I
came to realize that having a St. John original hanging in your home,
much less any painting of a man wrestling a lion wasn't commonplace. But
I grew to appreciate this painting's finer qualities over the years until I
could see the artistry beyond the powerful (and long familiar) image. And
it was familiar: though my grandfather died when I was about six, I still
remember going to his house and watching 16mm Tarzan movies. Then as
I grew older I realized just what treasures our family possessed because
what others bought, read, and enjoyed was part of my family legacy. It was
my grandfather's imagination that produced the stories that enabled St.
John to create these unforgettable images that have excited people for
decades. St. John moved easily between the covers of pulp magazines
and the covers of my grandfather's books and he put just as much
imagination and artistry into one as the other.
The Beasts of Tarzan G&D   $11.99
Tarzan and the Golden Lion c 1927    $10.99
Tarzan the Untamed - antiqued version     $10.99
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar V2 - 1940   $10.99
Danton Burroughs - 1944-2008
The Return of Tarzan - G&D Red Back-cover   $10.99
NOTE: The red back-cover was used only once for this title sometime in the early '30's.
JUNGLE TALES OF TARZAN - G&D Antiqued     $10.99
TARZAN THE UNTAMED - G&D c. 1922     $10.99
TARZAN AND THE GOLDEN LION - G&D - c. 1928 - v2 antiqued   $10.99
Tarzan the Terrible G&D v1 1924    $10.99
The Return of Tarzan - Antiqued G&D  version c1929  $10.99
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar V1 - 1927     $10.99
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar V3 - 1934   $10.99
G&D 8 - Tarzan the Terrible - c1928     $10.99