THE ETERNAL LOVER - G&D editions  - $10.99
THE BANDIT OF HELL'S BEND - G&D Antiqued - $11.99
THE LAD AND THE LION - v2 G&D editions - $10.99
THE OAKDALE AFFAIR AND THE RIDER - G&D Antiqued Version -  $11.99
NOTE;  On this page you will often see two facsimile versions of the same dust jacket.  This happens because as my collection grows and I gain new
DJs to work with, I correct those facsimiles that were fairly rough when finished.   Yet these rough first efforts have virtues, such as an authentic
look more closely resembling an original, older jacket.  

The first version will be what I have called the "Antiqued Version," a facsimile in which I have made few corrections other that cleaning up the
edges. The second, called "Version 2," has been considerably corrected so that wh
ile the finish may not be completely white, it has had most of the
blemishes removed and the text corrected.  See
The Land That Time Forgot and The Mad King for examples of these different types.  Sometimes I
can correct the overall jacket values back to the original white, see
Jungle Girl for an example.  
Apache Devil - G&D Antiqued Version - $11.99
THE LAD AND THE LION - G&D antiqued version - $10.99
Frank E. Schoonover - cover
painting for the 1918 first edition
A Princess of Mars.  
According to Robert Zeuschner:
"This profoundly seminal work
(written in 1911) singlehandedly
created the 'interplanetary
romance' form of science fiction."
War Correspondent Edgar Rice
Burroughs (right) in New Caledonia
with officers of the 112th Cavalry
Regiment in 1943.
The War Chief- G&D V2 - $10.99
The Mucker - G&D editions  - $10.99
Apache Devil - G&D V2 - $10.99
The Outlaw of Torn G&D editions -   $10.99                                                                                        The Cave Girl - G&D edition - $10.99
The Bandit of Hell's Bend g&d v2 - $10.99    
The War Chief G&D Antiqued version - $11.99
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