Grosset & Dunlap - Mars Series - five through eight
The Chessmen of Mars - Antiqued version 1925 - $11.99   
A Fighting Man of Mars - G&D editions 1932 -  $12.99
J. Allen St. John - Cover painting for The Chessmen of
first edition published by A. C. McClurg in 1922.

With the publication of Edgar Rice Burroughs' second
Tarzan novel for McClurg,
The Return of Tarzan, in
1915, J. Allen St. John's legendary association with
this timeless hero set a new standard in heroic
fantasy art and inspired all the Tarzan artists to come,
including such noteworthy talents as Hal Foster,
Burne Hogarth, Frank Frazetta, Roy Krenkel, and
countless others.

As time goes on, the appreciation of St. John's Edgar
Rice Burroughs illustrations grows as collectors drive
up the prices of any St. John illustration done to
illustrate, in particular, a Tarzan story.   A recent
auction saw one of his tarzan paintings start at
$75,000 and finally sell for over $150,000.  

My own personal favorites are not his Tarzan
paintings, but the wonderfully colorful action
paintings done for the Martian Series -
The Warlord of
Mars, The Chessmen of Mars
(right), The Master Mind
of Mars,
 Swords of Mars, and the six covers St. John
did for the pulp publication of the Martian series
novelettes done for Amazing Stories in the 1940s.

                                                                  - Charlie
J. Allen St. John (October 1, 1872 in
–May 23, 1957 in Chicago)
SWORDS OF MARS -G&D editions 1937 - $12.99
THE MASTER MIND OF MARS  - Antiqued Version 1929 -  $11.99
The Chessmen of Mars - V2 1929    $10.99
NOTE:   On this page you will see two facsimile versions of the same dust jacket.  This happens because as my collection grows and I gain new DJs
to work with and I gain skill, I try to create a clean copy of  those facsimiles that were fairly rough when finished.   Yet these rough first efforts have
virtues, such as an authentic look more closely resembling an original, older jacket.  So instead of throwing the old version out, I keep it and add the
newer version along side it.  

The first version will be what I have called the "Antiqued Version," a facsimile in which I have made few corrections other that cleaning up the edges
and restoring missing data. The second, called "Version 2," has been corrected so that, while the finish may not be completely white, it has had most
of the blemishes removed and the text corrected.  
THE MASTER MIND OF MARS  Version 2 1936  - $10.99