Grosset & Dunlap - Madison Square Editions - World War II Restricted Reprints
The " Madison Square Books" were the poor-quality wartime reprints produced by Grosset & Dunlap.  The first eleven Tarzan
titles in G&D's catalogue were republished in this series, characterized by somewhat thinner volumes in very dark red
bindings.  They had no illustrations except for the original dust jacket illustrations, and (on each of the title pages) a
miniature reproduction of the jacket picture of TARZAN AND THE GOLDEN LION.  This miniature first appeared in 1928 on the
McClurg title page of TARZAN, LORD OF THE JUNGLE, . . .
          (Henry Hardy Heins,
A Golden Anniversary Bibliography of Edgar Rice Burroughs, revised edition)

Charlie's comments:  Although neither Heins or Zeuschner say so, I believe the type for each volume was completely reset
for the text and their associated dust jackets.  Due to the heavy-with-acids cheap, almost pulp, paper used in these editions,
the text pages of even a "very good" or better copy are almost brittle and heavily tanned, some are even a medium brown.  
Personally, when it comes to readability, I find these characteristics off-putting.  I also contend, based on my observations of
eBay sales that, except for the completists, most collectors avoid these editions.  I also suspect that even the completists
are only interested in copies in great shape.  On eBay, even a GOOD or better condition copy rarely goes for more than ten
or so dollars.  I recently (2015) bought two Madison Square books in DJ for only six dollars.  For those looking for reading
copies only, and that don't mind the browned, somewhat brittle paper, then these editions are a great deal.

NOTE: If the DJ is present, these editions will be easy to recognize, look for the diamond above the G&D logo on the spine.
TARZAN AND THE JEWELS OF OPAR - Madison Square Edition - $9.99
TARZAN THE UNTAMED - Madison Square Edition  - $9.99
TARZAN AND THE ANT MEN - Madison Square Edition  -  $12.99
JUNGLE TALES OF TARZAN - Madison Square Edition  - $9.99
TARZAN, LORD OF THE JUNGLE - Madison Square Edition - $9.99
TARZAN AND THE GOLDEN LION - Madsion Square Edition - $9.99
THE SON OF TARZAN - Madison Square Edition - $10.99
TARZAN THE TERRIBLE - Madison Square Edition - $9.99
THE BEASTS OF TARZAN - Madison Square Edition - $12.99
THE RETURN OF TARZAN -  Madison Square Edition - $10.99
TARZAN OF THE APES - Madison Square Edition - $12.99