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The Chessmen of Mars - first edition     $10.99                                                                                                                           The Master Mind of Mars- first edition    $10.99
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The Martian Series   

Edgar Rice Burroughs started writing his Martian adventures in 1911, and
even though science claims there is no life on Mars his stories remain
vibrant and timeless tales, because Burroughs knew the appeal and
power of the Martian myth. Writers like Ray Bradbury and scientists like
Carl Sagan have acknowledged that Burroughs' Martian tales were the
wellspring from which their own careers arose.

With his opening trilogy - considered one of the landmarks of science
fiction - Burroughs created a vast and sweeping epic. Captain John
Carter of the Confederate Army is whisked to Mars and discovers a dying
world of dry ocean beds where giant four-armed barbarians rule, of
crumbling cities, home to an advanced but decaying civilization, a world
of strange beasts and savage combat, a world where love, honor and
loyalty become the stuff of adventure, the world of Barsoom.

In ten books Burroughs takes the reader all around the Red Planet
(and in a final novelette, even to Jupiter), while the action and excite-
ment never let up.  (Text adapted from


J. Allen St. John unfinished illustration for Thuvia, Maid of Mars,
executed at the request of a private collector.

(left) J. Allen St. John DJ illustration for The Warlord of Mars, 1919
Note about A PRINCESS OF MARS:  The front and back flap were blank on the McClurg first edition of this
title.   I didn't leave anything out when I made this dj; it just wasn't there to put in.
NOTE: For a complete essay discussion of the many different versions of the jackets for this title
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The Warlord of Mars - first edition    $10.99