First Editions - Venus Series
Foreword to Pirates of Venus, ACE Books, January 1964

Any patriotic citizen can give you the name of the astronaut commonly believed to be the first American into
space, and inform you of the exact time and date of liftoff from the pad at Cape Canaveral, but any student of
Burroughs knows that the first American in space was a tow-headed, blue-eyed, young man name Carson
   Napier, a former British subject, was an American by choice.  He did not lift off from a Cape Canaveral rocket
pad, but was blasted into the heavens in a rocket torpedo of his own design—more than thirty years ago!
This “wrong way” Corrigan of space was attempting to reach Mars, but landed on Venus instead.  There he
encountered races primitively bestial and super-scientifically advanced.  There he battled with strange beasts
and giant insects.  There he lost his heart to Duare, daughter of a Vepajan jong, whose beauty could mean
death to the beholder.
   Carson Napier’s amazing adventures on Amtor are recorded in four novels (and a novelette), of which this is
the first, as communicated directly from him to Edgar Rice Burroughs through the marvelous medium of
    Impossible?  Science-fiction fantasy?  You don’t believe it?  Well, if you cannot believe in the reality of the
worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs after reading the first few pages of this book, then there is no Tarzan of the
Apes!  For it is the unique style of making the impossible plausible that made Burroughs the most popular and
best selling author in the world.

                                                                                                                          Vernell Coriell
                                                                                                                          The Burroughs Bibliophiles
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