Swords of Mars - J. Allen St. John - Front cover painting
This St. John Illustration was used on the
first edition plus the Grosset & Dunlap
Very few illustrators kept there work in the pulp era.  There was little need to.  After all, the artist might receive a commission on the painting again if
it was chosen to be reprinted on the hardback edition of the story he had illustrated, but this happened only rarely.  Most pulp artists didn't expect a
single work to have longevity.  Also, once published, a publisher, pulp or mainline, very often mistreated the art or in some cases just through it
away, which happened by accident to three of Rockwell's post covers.

The artwork below for SWORDS OF MARS by illustrator J. Allen St. John has survived, but in relatively poor condition, as you can see in the picture
immediately below.   Its counter-intuitive, but makes sense when you think about it.  The work below was stored poorly, becoming scratched and
faded over time, but, ironically, many of the dust jackets that were made from this artwork have survived in relatively good condition.  Using those
dust jackets, I've attempted to reconstruct what this wonderful wrap-around St. John must have looked like when it was produced.  I can't duplicate it
exactly of course, but I can come fairly close, and I hope St. John would have approved. See my reconstruction immediately below the original.  

SEPARATE NOTE:   I can remember where I found the original.  Somewhere on line, but where is a mystery since I don't keep track as well as I should
of what I download or where I get it.   Does anyone know who owns the original of this paining?  I researching an APA article on the many variants of
this dust jackets and would like to talk to the owner if possible.  Thanks for any possible help you might give.