A. L. Burt - The Return of Tarzan
  According to erbfirsts.com:  "From 1916 until 1929 A.L. Burt reprinted this title in a number of variations .... The
earliest printings have white lettering and the dust jacket is virtually the same as the first edition jacket; however
"A.L. Burt" is printed on the spine. Later versions have black lettering on the covers and spine.  A.L. Burt did not
include the date of the printing so many a novice incorrectly assumes the book to be a first edition as the only date
listed is the copyright date."  
  Making a facsimile dust jacket for this title is further complicated, because at some point the book itself becomes
smaller.  The same width and height, but thinner with subsequent reprintings.  Measured closed on the page side, not
the spine, early Burt editions are approximately 1 and 5/16 inch thick, while the later, smaller editions are only 1 and
1/16 inches thick.  Be sure you know which you are ordering.  Below you'll find facsimiles made for both sizes.  Both
the books pictured below are later printings, but are different widths.  I assume this disparity happened because Burt
changed printers, but I really don't know for sure.
The Return of Tarzan - A. L. Burt early, thicker edition antiqued         $11.99                                                                 The Return of Tarzan - A. L. Burt later, thinner edition antiqued   $11.99
Thicker version
Thinner version
The Return of Tarzan V2 - Thicker early edition    $10.99
The Return of Tarzan V2 - Thinner later edition    $10.99