A. L. Burt - The Beasts of Tarzan
NOTE:According to erbfirsts.com:  "From 1916 until 1929 A.L. Burt reprinted this title in a number of variations .... The
earliest printings have white lettering and the dust jacket is virtually the same as the first edition jacket; however "A.L.
Burt" is printed on the spine. Later versions have black lettering on the covers and spine.  A.L. Burt did not include the
date of the printing so many a novice incorrectly assumes the book to be a first edition as the only date listed is the
copyright date."
A. L. Burt used different printing houses for their two print runs of this book.  As a result, they printed this book in
two thicknesses with the first print run being thicker than the second.  The different sizes are easy to recognize,
because the early, thicker versions generally have white lettering (sometimes looks like a pale green) on the front
cover cloth and spine. (There is one exception of which I'm aware: both of my thicker copies of
Beasts has black
lettering on the front and spine. However,  white lettering is more common.)  The later, thinner version uses black
lettering.  Both versions can be seen and are listed below.
The Beasts of Tarzan - Burt early (white or black lettering) edition.   $12.99
The Beasts of Tarzan - Burt later, thinner (black lettering) edition.    $12.99