The 1948 Edgar Rice Burroughs Incorporated Reprints

   In 1948 Edgar Rice Burroughs Incorporated published a total of
twenty-two reprints from the master's canon; ten in the Tarzan series, 9
Mars, and 3 Venus. They were all the same size, with gray cloth. The
color of the lettering varied from book to book. Cover and spine titles
were the same as on the first editions (except for
The Chessmen of
).  No matter what lettering style was used for the titles, at the
bottom of the spine the author's name was given in sans-serif typeface
as the publisher.  

   Except for the books that were originally published with wrap-around
illustrations—wherein the artist's work encompassed the front cover,
spine and back cover—each employed a uniform dust jacket back cover
and back flap design,  which adapted the earlier Burroughs Inc. design
created for ERB Inc. and G&D reprints starting as early as 1932 with
Jungle Girl.  However, this back cover design was also an adaptation of
an earlier design done by A. W. Sperry for the Metropolitan books first
edition of
Tarzan and the Lost Empire in September 1929.  The
wraparounds used the uniform back flap design, but otherwise were
identical to the first edition.  All the ‘48 reprints used the first edition
front-cover art, except for
Tarzan and the Lion Man, which used the G&D
front-cover instead of the Janus-head design of the first edition.

   With the exception of some Young People’s editions, two paperbacks,
and a one-volume release of two novelettes, this would be the
corporation’s last major publishing initiative and the last by any
publisher of over sixty of ERB’s seventy-five titles until the 1960s.  While
the Tarzan name would live on in the movies, Edgar Rice Burroughs’
name would all but disappear from the public consciousness during the
almost fourteen-year publishing interregnum that would last until 1962.

For a full discussion of the 48 reprints and the publishing interegnum
that follow ERB's death see
Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Master of Pulp
Storytelling - Chapter 16.